May 30, 2024
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FFL DealerShield offers support to dealers

U.S. LawShield logo

U.S. LawShield, long known as one of the top providers of legal defense for self-defense situations, has expanded its service to provide support for federal firearms license holders through its new FFL DealerShield program.

This service brings U.S. LawShield’s vast experience of firearms legal knowledge to the aid of firearms dealers who are facing any number of challenges, from ATF audit and inspections to reviews of record keeping and the aftermath of robbery.

A first-of-its-kind service, FFL DealerShield has a network of law firms across the country positioned to assist retailers with any potential issue.

Some of the protections and assistance FFL DealerShield offers are:

  • 24/7 liveaccess to legal guidance for emergencies (break-ins, thefts, and fires)
  • Direct access to the FFL DealerShield team for all firearms law questions
  • ATF audit live support from the team of attorneys and former ATF agents
  • Post-audit advice on inspection results and legal options
  • Education and training on firearms business legal compliance
  • Updates on firearm laws and ATF regulations
  • Confidential review of recordkeeping practices
  • Up to 50% member discounts for further legal needs arising from ATF or other agency actions 

Currently, membership is limited to select U.S. LawShield retailers. To become a U.S. LawShield retailer, contact Kristi Elrod at [email protected].