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Published on August 1st, 2016 | by FFL Unleashed


How Do You Get More People to Notice Your GunBroker.com Listing and Click It?

Last month in the FFL Unleashed newsletter, we talked about how simple changes in a few key areas can lead to big improvements in profit. It creates a multiplier effect that can make a big difference to the bottom line.

One of the multipliers was generating more potential customers – more people seeing your GunBroker.com listing and clicking it. If they don’t click it, they won’t buy.

But seeing your listing and clicking is the first step.

Research reveals some unusual tips to generate more clicks on your headline:

1. Match your headline to what people are searching for.

  • The closer you can match their search, the more likely they are to click into it.
  • In fact, a study revealed they are 39% more likely to click.

To find what people are searching for, there are a few free tools from Google you can use:

A. Google Auto Correct

  • Ever started typing a search on Google and it fills in the blanks for you? Look at the examples below:










  • Just go to Google and begin typing in a brand or model and see what Google suggests. These suggestions are based on some of the most common searches that occur and are good indicators of what people are looking for on GunBroker.com.

B. Google Trends

  • This allows you to type in a term and see trends around that term.
  • You can set various parameters like location (i.e. just the USA), the date range, and the types of search.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.07.30 PM





  • You’ll see a trend for the product:








  • And most importantly, you’ll see top search queries on Google related to the term you put in (in our example here, we’re using Daniel Defense).









  • Use the buttons in the top right to download these as a list









C. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

  • This requires you to create an account to use, but it’s free
  • Once in, you’ll see a screen like this:








  • Clicking on the first one “Search for new keywords…” and then typing in a sample query like “Sig Sauer” will reveal the following ideas and monthly searches on Google:










  • For that particular term, it provided 110 keyword ideas that you could use for the products you want to sell.

Knowing what your buyer is thinking is crucial to being more successful.

2. Use good descriptions!

  • See how the listing below lists the brand, model, color, condition (CPO – certified pre-owned) and caliber?
  • The buyer knows exactly what they are getting.



3. Take advantage of the space GunBroker.com permits.

  • Did you know that the average listing on GunBroker.com is 40 characters long, including spaces?
  • Yet our research shows that listings with both a Title and a Subtitle, and good use of blank space, sell more guns



4. Add urgency to your listing or offer something extra.

  • This can be tricky because it has to be real urgency. You can’t say “1 day sale” and have it last a month.
  • But you could try some things in a subtitle like:
    1. “Buy now, have it in two days!”
    2. Last chance to get x% off!
    3. TODAY. Flash Sales on [Product].
    4. [Product] Promotion Week. Save x%.
    5. Free shipping if you buy in next 4 hours.
    6. Ends Today! Below avg. price.



The above offers cheap shipping and no credit card fees as an extra incentive to buy.

5. Consider bundling products together, like including an optic or holster.

  • By adding in some things, you can dramatically increase the price, adding to your profits.
  • It also increases people’s likelihood to look at your listing and buy.



  • This listing for a Canik product also includes additional magazines and a holster.
    1. Clicking into it and reading the description, we also see it includes a backstrap, speed loader, and bore brush.
    2. A firearm with that many “freebies” looks like a great deal. And the number of bids and the price shows it.

Utilizing these tactics – using the words your buyers are using, creating good descriptions, adding a title and subtitle, creating urgency or offering extras, and selling product bundles – are great ways to boost clicks on your listings and drive sales.

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