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Published on August 25th, 2015 | by FFL Unleashed


How Millennial Are You?

The Millennial Generation is a growing portion of your customer base. If you’re not already seeing a significant impact on your business, you will. Millennials are the biggest consumer market of the immediate and mid-term future.

Lots of hype and buzz crowd the media as to exactly who the Millennials are and, more importantly, how they act. There are already many stereotypes about the Millennial Generation as a whole. Some are deserved, but more are just rehashed bad press of the ilk that has been aimed at nearly every “new” generation.

There is some solid research out there by groups like the Pew Research Center. Their determination is Millennials are detached from institutions and virtually networked with friends. They are America’s most racially diverse generation, unattached from organized politics and religion, liberal leaning, and burdened by debt. Yet they seem to be optimistic about the future.

The Pew Center for Research has been monitoring social trends for decades, and their research has resulted in an online quiz simply titled, “How Millennial Are You?”

Anyone can take this quiz. The final question is about your age group, but this response does not factor into your score. However, it’s after you’ve taken the quiz when the results become the most enlightening and impactful for your business.

A score is calculated telling you what percentile you fall into related to habits and lifestyle most like “average” Millennials. Then you can review each of your answers to see how yours compare not only to Millennials, but to Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation.

Reviewing the results of the Pew Research Center quiz is not only informative about yourself, but will likely generate ideas on how your marketing efforts, educational programs, and advertising can target and persuade members of the Millennial Generation to become your loyal customers. And that’s what you need to optimize your FFL business.

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