July 20, 2024
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IFC CEO Excited Over Arsenal Firearms’ Unprecedented Guns

With an unprecedented design in the Strike One, the world’s first double-barrel semi-auto pistol in the AF-2011, and the premier of the James Bond movie “Spectre” featuring the Prismatic Dueller—International Firearms Corporation Founder and CEO Tony Mussatto has good reason to be excited.

FFL Unleashed: Please share a bit of the story of IFC becoming the importer of the Arsenal line.

Mussatto: It all started 3 years ago when a friend of mine texted me a picture of a double barrel 1911 and said, “I bet you don’t have one of these.” He knew I had an extensive firearm collection and he was right, I did not have one of those. I simply texted back, “You are right, but I bet I can get one.”

As soon as I shot my first AF2011, I knew I wanted more, and more was on its way through my new business. International Firearm Corporation (IFC) was formed in 2014 to be the exclusive importer and distributor for all products and firearms from Arsenal Firearms of Italy.

Only through the creation of an incredible relationship with CEO of Arsenal Firearms, Mr. Nicola Bandini, has the reality of getting his products to America been possible. I’m fortunate not only to call Mr. Bandini, my manufacturer, but a friend.

FFL Unleashed: The Arsenal line is unlike anything U.S. dealers have sold before. What makes it different? Who is likely to be the first customer base for these unique firearms?

Mussatto: In a market dominated by huge corporations with long histories and small companies campaigning the newest, the greatest firearms everyone must have, Arsenal Firearms of Italy has been able to separate themselves by a truly revolutionary design. The differences are abundant from their aesthetics, functionality, and performance all packaged in a single firearm. The minds at Arsenal Firearms are designing “out of the box” products with benefits for all.

Who will be my first customer? A question with multiple answers. A competitive shooter who wants to shoot the best firearm available. A member of law enforcement who is looking to replace their current side arm that is based on a locking system over 100 years old. A gun enthusiast who truly wants the next best thing. A first time gun owner who will appreciate the features not found on any other firearm, and someone who wants the ultimate handgun, that until now, has not been available in America for them to purchase.

FFL Unleashed: Having received USPSA approval, the Strike One is a sure hit with competitive handgunners. What features separate it from the competition?

Mussatto: The newly designed locking system and the placement of it allow the bore axis to be the lowest of any firearm currently being manufactured. The Strike One’s barrel does not tilt enabling it to provide the least amount of muzzle rise and having less recoil than any of its competitors. What’s not to like? And, by the way, it is also the fastest semi-automatic pistol in production. The reaction from someone (experienced or a novice) shooting the Strike One is nothing but amazing. I can honestly say that neither dealer nor an end-user, has been disappointed with their purchase. As I tell my friends from Italy, Americans expect perfection in aesthetics and functionality. The Strike One delivers on all accounts.

FFL Unleashed: The accuracy of the AF-2011, as highlighted in the Jerry Miculek video, is stunning. What does Arsenal do in the manufacture and finish of these guns that makes that possible?

Mussatto: The AF-2011, double barrel 1911 is unlike any gun the world has seen.  Accuracy is just one of the many features that makes it stand alone on a crowded stage of custom pistols.  It all started with Mr. Nicola Bandini, the designer and out of the box thinker that has allowed the world to experience its first double barrel. Mr. Bandini wanted to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the 1911, hence the name AF-2011.

Behind all the “coolness” of the AF-2011 lies an incredible amount of engineering, machining, and hand fitting no other firearm manufacturer has attempted to undertake. Each AF-2011 is a piece of fine art.

FFL Unleashed: The Dueller Prismatic is featured in the upcoming new James Bond movie. How did that come about? Are you expecting a burst of demand once the movie premiers?

Mussatto: Having a firearm in a James Bond film is an amazing achievement, an achievement that is noticed by millions of Americans. Mr. Nicola Bandini (CEO of Arsenal Firearms) through his years of journalistic coverage of firearms happened to acquaint himself with the movie’s armorer. This movie and the idea of having a firearm in it actually helped the Dueller Prismatic come into existence. The opportunity that “Spectre” offered encouraged Arsenal Firearms to make an already incredible double barrel even better.

With all of the Bond movies and all of the Bond firearms, I could not have imagined a more perfect weapon than the double barrel AF-2011 Dueller Prismatic.

With respects to the demand, it has already started long before the movie has been released.  Our first order of Dueller Prismatics has already been sold. We are receiving our next order within days of the movie’s debut and all but a few have been sold. We have had such a great response that our waiting list grows on a regular basis. The movie is a must see and the gun is a must own.