July 23, 2024
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Industry Reference Guide Delivers Vital Trend Data

Photo Courtesy of NSSF

The Industry Reference Guide 2015-2016 Edition is now available from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

This is a comprehensive report encompassing the shooting sports industry in one, easy-to-reference resource. It features the latest industry trends on hunting license sales, excise taxes, NICS, FFL dealers, manufacturing reports, economic data, demographics of shooting sports participation, state-of-the-industry survey results, and more. The 190+ page guide provides full-colored detailed information with the most up to date industry statistics available. Both downloadable PDF and print versions are available.

The Industry Reference Guide 2015-2016 Edition includes data on the following trends:

  • Hunting license sales
  • Excises taxes for firearms and ammunition
  • NICS and NSSF-Adjusted NICS (background check trends)
  • FFLS (dealer trends by state and by type)
  • Production (by year, manufacturer, & caliber)
  • Imports / Exports (by type of firearm and country)
  • Firearms-Related Injury Statistics
  • Participation trends in all shooting sports
  • State-level participation by shooting discipline
  • Demographic trends of all shooting-types
  • Consumer purchases and price distribution
  • Economic impact
  • Social research relating to firearms

The  Industry Reference Guide 2015-2016 Edition is available to members and non-members of the NSSF, however at a significantly lower price for members (more than offsetting the cost of joining). Special programs are available for Premium Retail Members and Premium Range Members that include the Reference Guide and digital updates as part of these membership packages.