June 22, 2024
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President/CEO Anthony Acitelli Pitches the New Taurus Curve

CEO Anthony Acitelli Pitches the New Taurus Curve

Taurus’s newest concealed carry pistol shatters many long held notions of firearms design. Company CEO Anthony Acitelli shares the vision that brought “The Curve” semi-auto from the drawing board to waistbands all across the country.

CEO Anthony Acitelli Pitches the New Taurus CurveFFL Unleashed: It’s not often a truly “new” design comes along in the firearms world. The Curve is certainly one of them. How did Taurus set about creating it?

Acitelli: We challenged our engineers to create a firearm designed to not only perform as a reliable personal defense handgun, but as a pistol that can literally be worn comfortably everyday.

FFL Unleashed: The Taurus Curve is so different from anything else out there, could you rundown a list of its distinctive features?

Acitelli: The Curve is the first handgun ever to have a radius frame that fits the contours of the human body. It is also the first of its kind to have an integrated light/laser for quick, identifiable target acquisition. And it has an extremely melted design for snag-free use. Summing up its features, it is also unique in the fact that with this compact design, the Curve “prints” like a cell phone.

FFL Unleashed: Who does Taurus view as the primary customer for the Curve?[one_third]CEO Anthony Acitelli Pitches the New Taurus Curve[/one_third]

Acitelli: Someone looking to purchase the Curve could range anywhere from a first time gun buyer looking for a personal defense handgun to that of an individual looking for a comfortable compact every day carry handgun.

FFL Unleashed: For dealers who will be selling the Curve what recommendations do you have in showing it to their customers?

Acitelli: We would suggest that the sales consultant compare the form-fit capabilities of the Curve to that of other handguns in the market.

FFL Unleashed: What are the plans for marketing and promoting the Curve in upcoming months?

Acitelli: There will be a concerted advertising and marketing campaign using print, online, social media, and television as a means of promoting the product as well as its features and functionality, driving consumers into their local retailers.