June 24, 2024
New Releases

Real Avid — Innovation at its Finest

Dave Steiner, VP and General Manager of Real Avid, the company that pioneered the gun multi-tool category, provides insight into their new dealer pack and offers high margin solutions to the traditional summer slowdown in firearms sales.

FFL Unleashed: What is the new dealer pack from Real Avid? Is there a special deal for GunBroker.com’s affiliated FFL dealers?

Steiner: It is a turnkey solution that provides dealers with Real Avid’s proven, best-selling items. In addition to some of our top products, dealers receive a fixture, signing, and pegs so that all they need to do is pop it up and begin selling. We are thrilled to offer a special price that saves GunBroker.com’s FFL dealers $400.

FFL Unleashed: How can this program help dealers combat the dreaded summer slowdown in firearms and ammo sales?

Steiner: We specifically design products that all types of firearms owners want to have. At retail prices ranging from $9.99 to $49.99, we offer items that create impulse purchases. Every year, we develop new items. To the gun store consumers, there’s always something new to trip their trigger. Our items turn the “browser” into a “buyer.”

FFL Unleashed: What does Real Avid’s philosophy in new product development look like? How does your team determine what products Real Avid will pursue?

Steiner: All year long, year after year, we are identifying problems that need solving and needs that are not addressed for the experienced shooter. We tap industry and user experts for insight and strive to bring original innovation to all that we create. We constantly challenge ourselves to develop solutions that make our consumers’ shooting and maintenance experiences better, easier, and faster so they can spend more time in the field or at the range.

 FFL Unleashed: What sets Real Avid apart from other multi-tool makers and gun cleaning products companies?

Steiner: Number one- we invented the gun multi-tool category. Our tools have a single purpose behind their invention- they are built for shooters by shooters to keep shooters shooting. Our products are loaded with gun-specific functions and our users rave about how awesome they are.

Regarding gun cleaning, we believe this category is old and tired. It desperately needs new thinking. We are stepping in to modernize everything about the gun cleaning experience. We make it easier, more organized, and turn it from a chore to something a gun-owner might even look forward to doing.

Finally, our products, whether multi-tool or gun cleaning, are made to be used anywhere and everywhere. They are glove compartment, pack or range bag friendly, and they are a must on the workbench.

For more information on Real Avid’s new dealer pack, being offered to GunBroker.com’s affiliated FFL dealers at a special price, click here.