June 22, 2024
New Releases

Sig Sauer Delivers Strong, Social Message for Millennials

Sig Sauer is recognized for the quality of products demanded by high-end, professional firearms users. Sig’s Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Sales, Tom Taylor, says delivering this message to Millennial consumers and making them a part of the brand is key to Sig Sauer’s marketing strategy.

FFL Unleashed: Sig is a firearms brand with a long, respected history and is recognized for quality. Does this help in delivering your marketing message to the Millennial Generation? How so?

Taylor: I think Sig is a brand very well respected all over the world and across many generations.  This respect is earned from providing professional grade products for years. Sauer since 1751 and Sig since1853, even beyond those known in modern times. Millennials have grown to expect performance from the products they buy, and they want to be part of a community. Sig provides such a community for its users. Many know the quality reputation of the brand and understand that products used by high-end professionals are good enough for them, and they are part of something special.

FFL Unleashed: What insights have you learned about how Millennials view firearms ownership, shooting sports participation, and personal defense? How does it differ from previous generations?

 Taylor: Millennials have proven they want to be part of something. Many modern habits tell us this, such as social media, on-line gaming, and more. They have resources to understand a brand, what products are demanded, and who uses those products.  If demand and value is created, they are less price-sensitive. We have access like never before to share and learn new and exciting things about our brand, as well as training, self-defense, and sport/competitive shooting.  In addition to these portals, Sig Academy gives us a means to understand Millennials on the range and in our pro shop.

FFL Unleashed: What programs has Sig undertaken to market to Millennials? Which specific products are you marketing to the younger audience?

Taylor: We think the look and feel of the Sig brand is very much marketed to Millennials. We have dedicated social media resources that communicate our brand message every day and in many ways.

We recently expanded our professional shooting team from one champion level shooter (Max Michel)…to a true team (coached by Max) that consists of all levels of competitive shooters ranging from young to mature, male and female. Team Sig has its own social media network to share their success, their experiences, their challenges, their equipment, tips and training.

By the end of September, Sig Sauer will be launching an exclusive line of products that includes membership and benefits in an “exclusive club” of Sig owners. You will be seeing more soon on how to “Join the Legion.”

Sig will be launching a pilot program for Elite Dealers called “Sig Store-within-a-Store.” In select dealers, this will be a dedicated Sig area in-store where very modern fixtures and communication tools will be used to create an environment/experience and importantly grow sales for dealers. For other dealers, certain components will be made available to help communicate the Sig brand and drive sales.

Sig is in the process of launching initiatives with exciting, innovative new firearms (some modular for multiple uses/users), and new Sig branded product categories including ammo, optics, silencers and the coolest air pellet guns on the planet. Sig air pellet guns emulate notable Sig firearms. These types of products, programs, and communication tools are very much what Millennials have come to expect from high-end brands.

FFL Unleashed: Do you have recommendations for Sig dealers on the best way to reach out to Millennial would-be buyers?

Taylor: I think dealers need to focus on more than just “guns on the shelf” and selling the “easiest” to sell and traditional advertising. Create something special in-store.  Have in-store events. Drive social media followers. Use Sig resources, collateral and programs, as well as that of other manufactures who are thinking this way. Consumers don’t always see this about what most agree is a top-notch brand but, at the dealer level, Sig has not always been the easiest company to do business with. It is our goal to streamline our business model and create value for the local dealer as we expand our brand in new and exciting ways.