July 23, 2024
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Can Plinker Bring New Energy to Your Range?

Photo Courtesy of Plinker Systems

Having exhibited at the SHOT Show for the first time in 2016, Plinker Systems LLC offers a computerized revitalization of what has long been known as “plinking.” As you know, plinking is the informal shooting of tin cans, swinging metal targets, or other safe targets of opportunity.  It’s how the Baby Boomers and preceding generations primarily learned to shoot rifles and handguns. Sadly, the opportunities for such informal shooting participation have largely disappeared.

Plinker Systems brings the skill improvement and just plain fun of this kind of shooting safely and effectively indoors, and offers range operators a way to bring new excitement, engagement, and revenue to their operations as well. The Plinker system combines old school shooting with computer technology, and the Internet.

Plinker is designed around the system’s Electronic Plate Rack, featuring nine steal plates on the rack. Each plate is equipped with a sensor on the back to detect bullet impact. In the base of the unit there are nine lasers. Lighting randomly, these lasers project a beam which identifies the plate you are to shoot. When the light appears on a plate, that’s the one you shoot. The plate rack is controlled by a tablet computer in the shooter booth which also keeps score. In this game, the lower your score the better, sort of like golf. The aim is to hit the plate as quickly as possible when it is lit. If you miss the lit plate, penalty points are added to your score.

While the event is shot a local individual ranges, Internet connection makes regional and national leagues and competition, possible as well.

Plinker Systems LLC‘s website offers a number of videos demonstrating the modernized game, along with testimonials of people shooting it for the first time. They also offer business information and scenarios of how the addition of Plinker to your range can increase engagement, attract interest from more beginning shooters, and boost high margin sales on ammunition and other accessories.