May 29, 2024
Grow Your FFL Business Toolbox

Automate and Grow Your FFL Business with & Flxpoint

You’re an FFL dealer or an FFL licensed Dropship business on – a powerful platform to grow your firearm business and reach more customers. But manually managing FFL operations can be time-consuming and resource intensive.

You’ll need an automation solution that seamlessly connects your existing inventory or website to, automates tasks, and simplifies FFL compliance.

Meet Flxpoint, an end-to-end automation platform that helps FFL businesses sell firearms and accessories on It seamlessly integrates your existing systems with and automates your firearms e-commerce operations.

Explore why GunBroker is the go-to-marketplace for Firearms e-commerce and how Flxpoint can streamline and optimize your operations and propel your success on

Why is GunBroker an Ideal Platform to Grow Your FFL business?

GunBroker has a massive audience base exceeding 7.7 million registered users, providing exceptional reach to potential customers. Their user-friendly platform simplifies listing creation and management, while offering a variety of payment options (credit cards, debit cards, and others) for customer convenience. Additionally, seller protection programs minimize risks associated with fraud or losses.

 Benefits of Selling Firearm on

Massive Marketplace: connects sellers with a nationwide audience of interested buyers, significantly boosting the exposure of firearms for sale. This vast pool of potential customers increases the chances of finding the right buyer for each item. 

Potential for Premium Prices:  The auction system on allows for competitive bidding, especially for unique or highly desired firearms. This format can potentially drive up the final selling price, ensuring sellers get the most value out of their guns. 

Focus on Legality: prioritizes adherence to all federal, state, and local firearm regulations. This ensures every transaction complies with the law, giving sellers peace of mind throughout the selling process.

In essence, selling firearms through GunBroker allows you to cater to a large and dedicated customer base, offering a wide range of products with a scalable and flexible business model.


Selling on with Flxpoint

Integrating GunBroker with Flxpoint offers a seamless way for FFL businesses to streamline their operations on the marketplace for both auction listings and regular retail.

By linking existing GunBroker products to Flxpoint listings, maintaining product data consistency through sync operations, and enabling effortless publication of new listings, businesses can streamline their inventory management processes. Flxpoint’s GunBroker integration facilitates essential operations crucial for effective FFL order management.

Flxpoint streamlines your GunBroker experience through several features.

Benefits of using Flxpoint for selling firearms on GunBroker:

1. Streamlined Integration: Flxpoint offers seamless integration with GunBroker, allowing sellers to easily manage their inventory, listings, and orders from one platform.

 2. Efficient Listing Management: With Flxpoint, sellers can link, sync, and publish listings effortlessly, ensuring accurate product data and updates without creating duplicate listings.

 3. Inventory Synchronization: Flxpoint’s sync operations keep inventory quantities and prices up to date on GunBroker, minimizing the risk of overselling or discrepancies in stock levels. 

4. Automated Delisting: Flxpoint supports delisting of products on GunBroker, ensuring that out-of-stock items are promptly removed from listings to maintain seller credibility and prevent unwanted orders.

 5. Flexible Shipping and Tax Configuration: Sellers can configure shipping profiles, set shipping costs, and manage tax rates efficiently through Flxpoint, providing flexibility and compliance with GunBroker’s requirements. 

6. Enhanced Order Management: Flxpoint enables sellers to retrieve and sync orders seamlessly, including tracking information and shipping details, streamlining order fulfillment processes. 

7. Category Mapping Assistance: Flxpoint assists sellers in mapping GunBroker’s numerical category IDs to their product categories, ensuring accurate categorization for successful listing publication. 

8. FFL Compliance Support: Flxpoint allows sellers to flag items requiring FFL (Federal Firearms License) and provides workflow rules for managing FFL-related orders, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

 Overall, Flxpoint simplifies and optimizes the selling process for firearms on GunBroker, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance for sellers in the firearms industry.

Flxpoint Supports Auction Listings

In addition to these foundational automations, Flxpoint also supports GunBroker Auctions, a significant capability of the overall integration.

FFL businesses can automate the creation and management of auction listings on GunBroker seamlessly. By incorporating a new GunBroker Channel and adjusting mapping templates, dealers unlock a host of benefits, including streamlined listing creation, enhanced order automation, and improved sales efficiency.

This integration empowers FFL businesses to maximize their presence on GunBroker, capitalize on auction opportunities, and optimize their sales processes effectively.


By leveraging Flxpoint’s robust suite of features and GunBroker integration, FFL businesses can unlock a new level of efficiency and growth on the leading online firearms marketplace. 

Flxpoint-GunBroker integration empowers you to seamlessly navigate the GunBroker marketplace, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business and providing exceptional customer service. With Flxpoint by your side, you can confidently expand your product offerings, streamline operations, and achieve long-term success in the ever-evolving firearms industry.Connect here to know more about the GunBroker-Flxpoint Integration.