June 22, 2024
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Ask and Access New NSSF ATF Compliance FAQ Database

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) regularly receives questions from firearms retailers regarding ATF compliance. Questions have been sent in to the NSSF from a variety of sources including emails from members, phone calls to their 24/7 compliance hotline, NSSF-hosted educational seminars, FFL compliance consultant site visits, and conversations with their Premium Retailer Members.

To make your job easier, they’ve begun to catalog the questions and the researched responses. Every week they will be adding more questions and their respective answers from their team of compliance consultants. Take advantage of this easy-to-use service by visiting their ATF Q&A page. See example questions below.

Q: If a customer lies on Form 4473 regarding a question that would prohibit the transfer of a firearm to him, the licensee is not aware that it is a lie or that the purchaser is ineligible and that ineligibility is not picked up by NICS, has the FFL violated any federal firearms laws or ATF regulations by completing the transfer if that lie or ineligibility is later discovered?

A: No.

Q: Can a licensee return a consigned firearm to a different individual than the person who originally placed the firearm on consignment?

A: Yes, the licensee may return the firearm to a different person as long as a 4473 form is completed and a background check is conducted. The licensee must always ensure that the transaction is in compliance with state and local law. However, if the licensee is not comfortable with releasing the firearm to a different person, they are within their rights to deny transfer of the firearm.

Please note that if the licensee is returning the firearm to the same individual who placed the firearm in consignment, a 4473 form needs to be completed and a background must be conducted.

You will have the option to “Search Q&A” and look for a specific question you may have, or search through questions and answers in the following categories: 4473 Forms, A&D Books, Firearms Transactions, Licensing, Manufacturing, and Operations.

Remember, if you are an NSSF member with compliance questions, you also have access to their 24/7 compliance hotline that you can call for free. Sign into your account for more details.