June 22, 2024
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Sellers’ Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

Come the Holiday Sales Season, you want your buyers to eat, sleep and breathe GunBroker.com. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports in Q4 of 2014, 56% of consumers intend to do their holiday shopping online and will spend an average of $804 indulging in gifts. Those numbers are expected to increase in 2015. Here are a few proactive ways you can reach your buUntitledyers to achieve maximum sales this Holiday Season.

1. Offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials since GunBroker.com is online, and think about starting on Brown Thursday (Thanksgiving). Use a straight percentage off the purchase price of Buy It Now sales, or take the tiered approach. For example: $20 off a $100 purchase, $50 offer a $200 purchase, or $100 off a $500 purchase. It is recommended  you offer different items on sale each day. Hopefully, that will encourage repeat customers during the sales season.

2. Use Social Media to:

  • Promote the GunBroker.com mobile app so buyers can access your listings from their favorite device. According to Marketing Land, “Last holiday season, the share of purchases conducted on mobile devices rose 140% from non-holiday levels.” Many people will be at work those days and prefer to use their tablet or phone to make a purchase.
  • Use your Facebook page[1] to show a Countdown Clock to your sales start date of Brown Thursday (Thanksgiving) or Black Friday. Search Google for a Facebook app that you like. Add a new post to your page each day to reemphasize the days to go. For example: “Only 10 days left before Black Friday Sales. Have you picked out what you are going to buy?” Then include a link to your items (see item c below).
  • From your website and/or Facebook page, drive traffic to GunBroker.com by creating a link to the items you have for sale. Go to Tools for Sellers, Manage the Auction, Link to Your Items for instructions.
  • GunBroker.com’s Facebookpage has 83,000 likes. Reach those consumers by creating a link from your Facebook page and/or your Web site to theirs at: https://www.facebook.com/GunBroker/timeline.
  • On Facebook and/or your Web site, create teasers about what will be on sale. Or be blatant, if you want to give buyers a heads up. You could maybe tell them what is on sale, but not the sale price.

3. If you don’t already, offer free shipping. A Wharton professor found that it was more appealing to consumers to receive free shipping worth $6.99 than a $10 discount.Untitled2

4. Make your HTML template holiday themed – Christmas lights, a tree, or ornaments – something festive to alert the buyers this is a special deal. There are some great images on this site that are free for personal or commercial use. Make sure to check the license – some require attribution and a link.

5. Let the title of your items alert buyers. When listing your items, make sure to include the phrase “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” or “Brown Thursday” Special in the title. Buyers will be drawn to those titles over your competitors.

GunBroker.com wants you to have the best sales ever this Holiday Season. Whether you use one or all of these suggestions, we believe it will make an impact on your sales. Good Luck, Happy Holidays and Happy Selling!

[1] Make sure to comply with all Facebook rules and state laws when posting.