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GunBroker.com Toolbox

Published on December 31st, 2015 | by Patti Fowler


Your GunBroker.com Sales Reports at Your Fingertips

Reporting Feature Delivers Sales History for All 2015 or Longer

A full year’s report of sales on GunBroker.com is a useful tool for tax return preparation and double checking inventory. If you want to take a look at your sales with GunBroker.com for the full year or even your complete sales history, you can utilize their report generator service.

Two levels of selling reports are available. For $15.00 GunBroker.com will provide a selling report showing fees and including a list of items sold, date sold, and winning bid amounts. For $25.00 they will provide a detailed report including all the basic data plus the winning bidder’s user name and current address information. On the report generator screen, you’ll input the starting date and ending date for the report you are buying.


To acquire these basic and detailed selling reports begin by referring to this FAQ and follow the prompts from there.

Year End Clean Up of Recent Listings and Sales

End of the year is also a great time to check on the status of your outstanding sales and clean up the orders that need your attention.

To acquire a status report on your sales from the last 90 days, use GunBroker.com’s updated billing features. Click on your My Account link (found in the Welcome Menu Dropdown at the upper right of the website home page). Then go to the section on the left for Selling and click on Sold. This will give you a complete list of the items sold in the last 90 days.

If you want to narrow the list, click on the links shown in the light green header below which let you filter the list by Pending Payment, Pending FFL, Pending Shipment, or Not Relisted.


On your list, look at the color-coded icons to see the status of each order (as shown below and accessible online here). This icon set will let you know which orders are still pending and why. There are four status types for each category.


At the end of each line is a Select down arrow icon. Click on it to select the action needed to take such as Send Payment Reminder. Or, follow up on orders that are still pending an FFL or have not shipped yet. A full list of action items is also available online here.

Another feature of the Select icon set is being able to relist items directly from this report with or without edits. If you have similar items to sell, this system allows you to edit a listing as much or as little as needed rather than retyping an entire entry from scratch.


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