February 26, 2024
Grow Your FFL Business

Here’s to the Successes of the Past and More to Come in the Future

For more than 15 years, FFL dealers and GunBroker.com have been successfully working together to grow their businesses and expand the shooting sports industry. We believe the future holds even greater opportunities, and this newsletter – FFL Unleashed – is one way we plan to help you realize additional value in your business.

Three words state the purpose of this new FFL Unleashed newsletter: “Optimize Your Business.” As an FFL dealer you know your business and you know your goals. You recognize GunBroker.com is an important partner. What you don’t want is fluff, and we understand that. We promise the information in FFL Unleashed will be concise and to the point. FFL Unleashed will present you with advice, market intelligence, and actionable data. You will be able to use FFL Unleashed’s information today and see results tomorrow.

Each edition will feature exclusive market intelligence mined from GunBroker.com’s terabytes of consumer transactional data. With hundreds of thousands of transactions each month we don’t just take the pulse of the industry; we are the pulse of what’s hot in the shooting sports world. We analyze this data to extract valuable trends and insights, and FFL Unleashed will share it with you.

Coverage of retail and online marketing best practices will guide you in taking full advantage of your business strategy to build sales, tap into new markets, reduce labor costs, and increase efficiency. Each issue will report industry releases, research and announcements, and legislative news. We will provide updates on makes, models, specifications, and recalls so that you can share accurate information with your customers.

As a current GunBroker.com partner we want to help you increase business efficiency and revenue per transaction. We will share articles and tutorials, including videos, exploring tools and techniques within GunBroker.com that you may be unaware of.

FFL Unleashed celebrates GunBroker.com’s ongoing partnership with FFL dealers. Look over a couple issues and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help make this an even more valuable tool. We hope you enjoy FFL Unleashed…and here’s to a successful partnership for another 15 years.

Steve Urvan, CEO Founder of GunBroker.com