December 9, 2023 Toolbox

Qs On Shipping Guns? Discounts? Has Answers!

Between the federal firearms transfer and shipping regulations under which we all operate, plus individual state regulations and the limitations and requirements imposed by various shippers, simply shipping a firearm or ammunition from Point A to Point B may seem to require a post graduate degree. When you need to refresh your memory – or when a counter agent is trying to convince you of something you know isn’t right – has a quick-reference set of guidelines at the ready.

Did you know all members are eligible for discounted shipping with FedEx? You get super savings and can ship & track all of your packages from one convenient website. has teamed up with FedEx to provide great discounts on all FedEx shipping options. FedEx can help you get it there and your connection to helps you get it there for less.

Your discount covers all of FedEx’s services including ground and air – residential and business. Simply ship it using your account. (To participate in this program, it is required to connect a bank account to your account.)

  • Ship a firearm overnight to your high bidder’s FFL.
  • Send that holster to your customer via ground.
  • Send parts and accessories to the winner’s home.
  • Ship that ‘must have’ item priority overnight because your excited customer cannot wait.

Shipping access is available from inside the My GunBroker portion of the system. Look for “My Shipping” in the left hand menu. You’ll be guided through the required steps for set-up.