July 23, 2024
GunBroker.com Toolbox

Spring Cleaning on GunBroker.com

In this case, spring cleaning does not involve rags, rods, and cleaning solvents. We’re talking about maintaining your GunBroker.com account. Look at the items you sold and especially the ones that haven’t sold. Review your recent sales activity by going to My GunBroker > Selling, and selecting Sold or Unsold. Want to review your sales history beyond 90 days? You can request a report of your selling or buying history by using GunBroker.com’s report generator. For any unsold items, take the time to analyze what it will take to move them more quickly.

First, if you aren’t already, compare the guns you have on auction with other identical models you and your competitors have sold. Take the time to do this before the original listing and again if you need to relist it. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Look closely. Are they exactly the same listing?
    1. What differences are there? Grip? Sights? Magazines?
  2. How does the condition compare?
    1. Look at the pictures and be honest about the condition of what you are selling.
    2. If the item is in rough shape, would it be worth repairing to achieve a higher price?
  3. What is the price difference (their sold price vs. your reserve or buy it now price)?
    1. Is the difference because of a case or sights?
    2. Have you gotten an independent valuation on your items?
  4. What does the other seller offer that you don’t, if anything?
    1. Free shipping?
    2. More ways to pay?
    3. No sales tax?
    4. No credit card fees?

Second, once you analyze the differences, what can you do to ensure success when re-listing your firearm?

  1. Do you have good quality photos?
  2. Did you list it using an HTML template?
  3. Can you match offers made by competitors (see #4 above)?

Third, what GunBroker.com optional services can you take advantage of that will make your listing stand out from the crowd?

  1. Thumbnail image – $.25 each: A thumbnail image is a miniaturized picture of your item that is displayed to the left of your item’s title when a buyer browses or searches our listings. Thumbnail Images are an eye-catching device designed to draw the bidder’s attention to your listing.
  2. Showcase Listings – $4.95 each: Showcase listings are the most powerful marketing tool sellers can use. Showcase items are randomly displayed on the home page. The home page is the most-visited page on GunBroker.com. Consequently, Showcase items will be seen by the largest audience of any of the Optional Services.
  3. Featured Listings – $2.95 each: Each category such as Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and etc. contain two sections of item listings. Featured listings are listed at the top of each category, and are listed first in search results. Because the item is listed above other auctions, it will typically be seen by more bidders and will often draw more bids and command a higher purchase price.

Use these on any listing that needs special attention. That can be because it is rare, difficult to sell, or very common. Items where you need to put at the forefront for the eyes of the just the right buyer to see.

Other options to make your listing stand out include Boldface Title, Colored Title, Highlighted Listing, and Subtitle. It can be amazing what a difference a little extra emphasis can make.