May 29, 2024 Toolbox

Try’s Easy Dealer Service Packs

Are you selling your firearms on as well as in your store and on your website? If so, provides a couple of services of which you should take advantage: Dealer Tools and Listing Links & Banners.

Dealer Tools. offers branded sales tools that can help promote your business in-store and online. For the cost of shipping, you can get customer giveaways such as retractable Bic pens or “I got mine on” bumper stickers. A simple gesture, but one that will make your store stand out in the minds of your buyers. Click here to see the items in the dealer store.

There are kits available that include Buyer Quick Start brochures that explain how the auction site works. The #2 kit includes 50 brochures with a stand. Hand these out to customers interested in buying your items online.

If you are a transfer dealer, you can get stickers to place in store windows identifying your store as part of the FFL Transfer Dealer Network.

Another valuable marketing item is hang tags. They can be tied on items that are for sale in-store as well as online. If someone in your store wants to buy an item with a hang tag, the tag alerts your sales staff to check to make sure the item was not already sold or have a winning bid against it. This can eliminate a potentially embarrassing situation of double-selling a firearm.


Connect your website to Whether you have items listed for sale on your site or not, you have options to link to your listings. You can set up a link from your website to a specific item on, or to a list of all your items. It is as simple as copying the appropriate HTML text from the “Link to Your Items” page to your website. You can find that by going to the “Tools for Sellers” page, then down to “Manage the Auction,” then “Link to Your Items.” What a great way to promote your listings, especially if your website is not set up to handle sales. also offers 15 ready-made banner ads and six button ads, both static and animated, for use on your website. On the same page as above, HTML code is provided for the banners so all you have to do is decide which one(s) works best on your website, then copy and paste the HTML to your site. The actual images are stored on the server. Here is one example.