May 29, 2024
Grow Your FFL Business

Why Conversation Is The First Step To Conversion

By Brandon from Concealed Nation                                                                         Photo courtesy of NSSF

According to recent estimates, there are more than 11 million licensed concealed carriers in the United States. That number continues to grow and it also discounts those who carry openly without a permit and those who live in states that are essentially permitless.

The vast majority of these gun owners are new to the firearms industry. Many make their initial purchase decisions based almost exclusively upon what’s available at the gun store. But are they asking you the right questions?

Educating customers through targeted online content is a great way to get them thinking in the right direction. You want your customers to come in and have an idea of what they’re looking for. This gives your sales force the opportunity to break the ice and find the firearm solution for right now, as well as the one they’ll likely need in the future.

Educating Gun Owners Builds Community

Think about a first concealed carry pistol purchase. The customer already has a pistol in mind and now it comes time for the two important follow-ups: a holster and accessories. The right questions a first time concealed carry buyer should be asking are:

  • Is this accessory safe to use?
  • How does this accessory improve my experience?
  • What types of accessories does my firearm support?
  • What sort of holster works best for my build?

But, sadly, those aren’t the questions most first-time conceal and carry buyers think or know to ask. Instead, they’re faced with questions such as these:

  • Does this fit my firearm?
  • Does it look cool?
  • Can I afford it?

Many first-time buyers, and many returning buyers, don’t even know the spectrum of options that exist for a given firearm accessory. Can you make this a successful sale? Absolutely. But you can almost guarantee that person doesn’t fully understand what he or she just purchased. However, as a retailer, you now have the perfect opportunity to guide them in the right direction. There’s a whole new generation of manufacturers out there who are rapidly developing some great equipment for concealed and open carriers, and there are big manufacturers eager to stay in the forefront of that discussion. Having the items and/or resources available at the time of face-to-face contact is crucial.

Answering Gun Owners’ Questions Through Targeted Content

At Concealed Nation, we get hundreds of requests each week for answers to questions about what sort of equipment would go best with a carrier’s particular firearm and style. We do our best to cover a variety of subject matter aimed specifically at responsible firearm use. Because of this, people look to us to find an informed opinion about their firearms.

Here are some common examples of questions that we receive at Concealed Nation:

  • Is it safe to carry with a round in the chamber?
  • How should I grip my firearm?
  • How can this custom part improve my readiness?
  • Do I really need a holster in order to carry?

Whether you provide this content yourself via your website, other online presence or in store, or direct them to an authority in the industry, your customers will learn that you do the research and you have the answers.

Everything from the super simple to the complex provides the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. And that conversation leads to your customers coming in and asking your shop for recommendations. That’s pure conversion.

Your opportunity is in creating a dialogue with your customers – email, online, and/or face-to-face. The solution isn’t about writing one piece of directed content. It’s about developing an interactive conversation with your customers. This not only serves the customer but also encourages future customers.

As a dealer, you can optimize your sales and your customer relationships by staying on top of your familiarity with the new generation of companies producing holsters, firearm accessories, and equipment. They are putting their message out there through online advertising and targeted content in places like Concealed Nation and other similar locations.

Your current customers and the rapidly expanding future customers are counting on you to stay up-to-date on the best carry gear for them, as well as provide them answers to their questions. Why not give them the best?