June 24, 2024
Grow Your FFL Business

Lead Management & OSHA Compliance Workshops

Photo courtesy of NSSF.

Operating a shooting range, indoor or outdoor, can be a great business, but lets not forget the many liabilities that can come along with this responsibility. To eliminate risks, you and your staff need to be well educated and prepared for anything that could happen. That’s often easier said than done, but effectively managing your business from a health and environmental standpoint can depend on it.

There are many instances where failure to comply with regulations could expose you to significant fines and penalties, cleanup costs, and potential criminal prosecution. All of these could potentially put you out of business, and while you think it would never happen to you, it never hurts to be proactive.

If you want to ensure your business practices are in regulatory compliance and learn how to improve your management practices, you need to attend the NSSF’s Lead Management & OSHA Compliance Workshop in Portland, Oregon this April 24-26.

The NSSF’s team of experts will educate and guide you based on their real world experience in the fields of environmental law related to shooting ranges, OSHA compliance and inspection, and range maintenance in general.

Learn how to protect your business with recommended compliance strategies at this two-day workshop. You’ll hear from experts on topics that include:

  • Tools to stay OSHA Compliant
  • Reducing Filtration Expense and Proper Filtration Disposal
  • Elements of Management Safety and Health Plan
  • OSHA Enforcement and Penalty Structure
  • Responding to OSHA Enforcement
  • Medical Surveillance and OSHA Record Keeping
  • Hazard Communication
  • Best Management Practices for OSHA Compliance
  • Environmental Risks, Laws and Regulations Applicable to Shooting Ranges

Learn more about the conference here and register today.